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Viewed from the outside the building was not exactly impressive.
Just a few of Mike and Matt's gold and silver disc collection. In this photo they surround the entrance to the studio in the main reception area. There are discs for artists like JASON DONOVAN, KYLIE MINOGUE, SINITTA, ROBSON & JEROME AND NICKI FRENCH.
Here's the dance studio at Hundred House where SCOOCH, ATOMIC KITTEN, BILLIE, 911, LULU, STEPHEN GATELY and more, rehearsed before video shoots or big performances. This is where the tears and tantrums really started although we couldn't possibly disclose this......!
Inside the studio, this is the consule where Mike would spend most of the day composing and writing.
View from the consule looking back into the studio. The glass in the background in the centre of the picture is the vocal booth.
Another view inside the studio. This is where Matt worked from.
Actually inside the recording booth, Mike's piano at which many a hit has been composed. Mike tends to work out the chords etc at this traditional piano.